Thursday, 30 December 2010

Last blog of 2010

Well I am currently procrastinating.

Meant to be doing my essay on Eyjafjallajokull (see if you can say it!) but I have hit a brick wall.

Mom has Josh for a while so I can also see if this headache goes away.

Christmas was good nice and quiet and I got to see everyone I wanted to. Had Kyle and Kath round on xmas eve for a few drinks (Kyle got pissed and ended up getting a pizza on the way home). Woke up xmas morning just me and Josh (and the cat of course and Kath popped in too). That's the first time I have ever done that but I really think that it was the best xmas morning ever. He behaved so well, loved every present that he opened and actually stopped tearing presents open to watch me open mine too. Not that I had a lot, in fact I think that this year was the least presents that I've ever got but it doesn't matter cos Josh finally got me the Barbie doll that he's been promising me since he was about 2 and Jay got me proper sized GHD straightheners and I got monies off family which is good as I need a new wardrobe as none of my clothes fit me anymore!

I am now officially a size 12 so this lactose intolerance thing is really working out for me. I eat properly now and the only take away I have is a Subway as I know exactly what is in it. Been cooking again and am hoping that this will continue into 2011 as I have discovered some nice lactose free meal ideas.

Spent xmas day at my mom's (with a poorly pooch) and she cooked an almost completely lactose free dinner (I had to pass on the pigs in a blanket as the ingredients hadn't been checked) we played games and watched Dr Who and me and Josh walked home in the snow. Josh was that exhausted that he took himself to bed at about half 7. So I put my pjs on ready to have a drink in front of the TV by my lonesome but behold the Mr showed up.

So like I said a quiet one but perfect for me no arguements with family noone storming out asking why they bother, which is what has gone down in christmas past. Just perfect!

The plan tomorrow night is to go to my mom's and have the family do as we have started doing. Mom has the new Michael Jackson Wii dance game might have to get a video of my nan dancing haha.

Now is the time I usually make resolutions but I am just going to swear that I am going to let go of all the bad shit that has happened this year and start 2011 on a high and stay that way.

Happy New Year!

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