Wednesday, 5 January 2011

2011 so far

OK so we are only a few days into it but it has been quite eventful.

I decided to have a new year's do for friends on New Years Day but it ended up being the usual suspects; Me, Kath, Jay and Kyle with Will popping in after work. We played Monopoly which Kath won again. But we did learn a few extra rules that could have helped a few of us along the way. The night ended at about 4am with me locking Kyle in and making him a bed on the sofa but the silly bugger climbed out the window as he wanted his own bed! I've never seen Kyle so pissed in my life!

While we were playing Monopoly I got a BBM off another friend telling me that a local lad, Craig Glaze who I knew through friends at school, going to army cadets with and drinking in the old days, was in intensive care and the ins and outs were not quite clear although the gossip suggested that one of his oldest friends had put him there. It did turn out that it was his friend Martin Gannon (another person from drinking in the old days but I was never wholly keen on the fella) and that Cragzi (as he was otherwise known as) died the following day. The reports are that Gannon is only being charged with manslaughter and the ins and outs of how and why Cragzi ended up in intensive care are still unclear.

Even though I hadn't spoke to Cragzi for some years it did upset me knowing that it was a friend that had killed him. Who needs enemies? Like I said the ins and outs are not certain and I am not going to gossip and speculate on the internet as it is unfair to his family and friends. I feel more for his little boy who has recently turned 3. There is nothing else I or anyone else can say that ccan make him come back or make things any easier for his loved ones but my thoughts go out to them all.

More crime has been occuring in the area too. Apparently my mom's over the road neighbour noticed at around 9.30pm a few nights ago a group of what appeared to be teens looking at cars that were parked on drives and going to the front doors of the houses including my mom's. It later came to light that an old guy living on his own further up had his car and money taken as he had left his front door unlocked. These lads are not opportunists as they are going out with the intention of stealing cars and money from the unsuspecting. Especially older people, I mean my nan and grandad always go on about how they used to leave the door unlocked when they went to the shops and didn't worry about leaving it unlocked overnight. I generally lock the doors of a night but sometimes not that early that has now changed.

There seems to be more and more reasons for me to leave Wolverhampton. It has been my plan for a long time but once I have my degree I am sure that opportunities will open and I will be able to move to a more rural area and live the life that I have always wanted whilst at the same time providing for my lil man.

Me and Jay stopped up to watch the Quadrantid meteor shower on Monday night. We had to wait until 1am when it peaked btu luckily it was a clear night and Jay managed to see 2 and I managed to see 1 but we gave up as our necks were hurting from all the looking up. There was also a partial solar eclipse the following morning which was timed so that it would occur when I was taking Josh over to school but I had to go and oversleep! Jay told me that it was overcast and snowing at the time so I didn't miss anything! I worried Laura as I had arranged a catchup with her on Tuesday morning once the kids had gone into school and she couldn't get hold of me. I really didn't hear anything and am presuming the alarm on my phone didn't go off.

I did have the catchup with Laura (was needed I hadn't seen her over xmas!) but most of the catchup occured in the Royal over lunch and a couple of JDs. We caught the bus just in time to meet the kids from school and when i got Josh back I checked his hair and discovered 3 lice and an abundance of nits even though I had got him clear over xmas. I have ranted often enough about the importance of checking kids heads for nits but obviously someone isn't doing this and the school do not seem too bothered about it. I'm getting annoyed with it as I do not want to have to cut all of Josh's hair off as it took him all of last year to grow to how it is. Plus if he is not clear of nits he is not allowed to go to the hairdressers anyway even for a trim.

Well I really ought to get on with this essay as it is meant to be in on Monday and I am still only a third of the way through :s.

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